FoodTrip is the best way to travel and have true local unforgettable experiences.

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Welcome to FoodTrip! We're here to change the way you travel and experience food.

Feel like you belong and live the true taste of a place by getting to know its regional producers and their food and beverage traditions.

From cooking with a local chef to visiting an organic boutique winery, we will get you in touch with the genuine side of local culinary, always putting organic and zero kilometre philosophy in the spotlight.

Want to experience this perfect way to feed your soul?

Have a look how the FoodTrip App works and get ready to travel and taste the world:

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Works icon Select your destination

From our range of locations you can easily choose the destination of your next trip.

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Works icon Select a great experience

You’ll get access to all available experiences in your chosen location, carefully curated by us to give you the most local and genuine culinary experience.

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Works icon Choose the best day for you

After selecting the experience of your liking, you will then be able to see and choose the dates available for that activity.

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Works icon Invite your friends

Travelling with bae, friends or family? You get to invite those who are travelling with you to come along in this amazing experience. Just add their email and they will receive an invitation to tag along.

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Works icon Verify your experience

Before you go ahead and finish your purchase, it’s good to check if everything is correct. We will confirm your purchase once the payment/availability has been confirmed.

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Works icon Enjoy your trip

That’s it! :) Quite easy! Now it’s time to enjoy your experience with us. You’ll have access to all the information in the FoodTrip App. Get ready to travel and feed your soul.

Have a great experience downloading the FoodTrip App!